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The following are a only a summary – please click here or download the PDF file to read our full terms and conditions prior to booking .



Every person who signs the booking form or makes a booking by telephone or e-mail is assumed to have read and agreed to Eurofives’ terms and conditions. By booking you agree to form part of a Team Group (minimum six players) for the purposes of participation in a Eurofives tournament. A deposit of £60 per person is payable at the time of booking. All players must be at least 18 years of age.



The Eurofives’ price includes the complete administration of the football tournament, accommodation (minimum two-night stay as advertised) and transfers from the accommodation to the venue and back on the day of the tournament. It does not include any flights, travel and other transfers, or insurance.


In the event of cancellation by you, the following scale of charges will apply: cancellation more than eight weeks prior to tournament date – loss of Deposit; cancellation less than eight weeks prior to tournament date – 100% of the full Eurofives price paid. Please note that no refunds can be made to individuals who are unable to come or play on the tour for any reason. (* see below re: insurance)



Eurofives reserves the right to cancel an entire Team Group’s booking if a reduction in that Team Group's numbers from the original booking makes their participation impractical. No refund will be made in these circumstances.


In the unlikely event that circumstances occur which prevent us from being able to run the tournament, Eurofives reserves the right to cancel the football tournament component of a booking. Under these circumstances, where the accommodation component of the package remains unaffected, we will pay appropriate compensation.

In the case of cancellation of the tournament being due to restrictions on travel to The Netherlands on the day before the tournament and extending until the day after the tournament, the Company will make reasonable endeavours to recover as much as possible of the Customer's payment. However this will exclude costs already borne by the Company in relation to the tournament.


Please note however, that in the event of any cancellation of a tournament or cancellation of a Team Group/Customer booking, Eurofives will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by the Customer or Team Group in relation to travel and insurance in connection with the relevant tournament.



The tournament is intended as a fun tournament, played entirely in a spirit of sportsmanship, camaraderie and friendship. Players and teams entering the tournament must agree to do so in this spirit as outlined in the Eurofives Code of Conduct. The administrator and/or referee have the absolute right to refuse participation to, or eject from the tournament, any player or team who, in their opinion, may have a negative effect on the spirit of the tournament and/or may constitute a danger to themselves and others by their participation.


Please note that if a player is not at the appointed pick-up point at the time of the transfer to the tournament, or is not in an acceptable state to participate, then their team MAY be excluded from the tournament with no refund due to them.


Customers must agree not to independently make any changes to their Team Group’s submitted rooming arrangements on arrival at the accommodation; nor attempt to negotiate changes to the rooming arrangements and/or number of rooms with the hotel staff either before the tour or during the Customer’s stay at the accommodation.



It is a condition of booking that all Customers have in place or take out their own adequate travel/holiday insurance, which provides them with cover in respect of their cancellation due to accident, illness, family illness, bereavement or redundancy and the relevant cover for the activities in which they will be participating.


All monies paid to Eurofives Ltd., either as deposit or final settlement, will be held in a separate trust account and will not be released to Eurofives Ltd. until after the tour has taken place or a Booking has been cancelled.

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