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Eurofives’ Code of Conduct encapsulates all the main sporting and ethical principles for which FIFA has always stood.


Participants must agree to adhere to these five simple values so they and everyone else can have an enjoyable tournament.



1. Play Fair


Winning is the object of any game but remember: It's only a game. Intentional fouls, gamesmanship and over-physical play have absolutely no place in a tournament of this nature.



2. Respect Opponents, Referees and Officials


Please adopt a friendly and respectful attitude towards your opponents and the referees. While spectating, appreciation of other teams’ play makes for a great atmosphere.



3. Accept the Results with Dignity


Please win or lose graciously and congratulate your opponents with good grace. If you lose, don't blame the referees or anyone else.



4. Respect our Hosts


Please don’t forget we are guests and refrain from loud shouting and swearing in the sportshall. Remember you are representing your company, and/or your country, and behave courteously at all times.



5. Enjoy It!


Enjoy your football – win, lose or draw.



“We had a fantastic weekend, couldn’t have asked for a better venue or hosts.”


– David Wilson, Cape plc

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